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We should get rid of all Vet Tech’s...

....Long hours and take them on an exotic cruise! Ok, perhaps we should wait on the cruise part.... until then- did you know it’s Vet Tech Appreciation week?!

Much like the oft looked over human nurse- Vet Techs do it all. They draw blood, run lab work, place IVs, monitor anesthesia, scrub in to assist surgery, take x-rays, calculate and administer medications, obtain samples from skin, ears, and other orifices, prepare and read said samples, give vaccines, trim toe nails, give baths, clean ears and express anal glands. Many of them also file paperwork, take down dictated notes and diagnoses for the doctors, clean the kennels, sweep the floors, exercise boarders, change the toilet paper, fill the soap, and launder linens while somehow also finding time to be there holding your pets paw to comfort him when he wakes up from surgery.

If anyone is like me, I’ve always just assumed everyone wearing scrubs all did the same job.

Not so.

Vet techs are passionate, special people. There is a lengthy schooling and certification process that requires a bachelors degree as well as a license from the state in addition to many hours of yearly continued education that must be completed on their time off. All for a fairly invisible and frequently thankless job. But why?!

Well, RVTs certainly don’t do it for the money, and just like everyone else “on the front lines” during this strangely evolving pandemic of a year, they have gone to work every day and put their own lives and families at risk so that your pet can stay safe and healthy. Because they love animals, and the welfare of your pet is always their first priority. They do it out of love.

So this week, take some time to recognise the one who gloves up without complaint so that Fido doesn’t scoot his bum across that nice Persian rug in the foyer- pop into your veterinary office with a surprise.

I usually like to feed people to show appreciation, but this year, well with that nasty virus running rampant- it’s probably best to pick up a socially distant gift card to a nearby take away restaurant, a gas card, Petco, or some place like Bath and Body works. Goodness knows it’s sounds like they need a reason to relax- even a practical gift like grocery or an amazon credit (it is prime day after all!) whatever it is- just make them feel special. Because really, what would we do without them?



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