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Enrichment and Engagement: Why They Matter for Your Dog's Well-Being

Updated: Apr 19

Enrichment and Engagement: Why DO They Matter for Your Dog's Well-Being? As Pet Parents, we all want our family members to live happy and healthy lives. One of the crucial aspects to maintain healthy cognition is by providing our dogs with the right amount of physical and mental stimulation. Enrichment and engagement are two of the most essential aspects of cognitive growth. From puppyhood to senior living- there are countless age appropriate ways to provide them. Discovering interesting and exciting ways to provide Engagement and enrichment not only strengthens your bond with your pup, it is a Huge contributing factor to their behavior. Creating a routine of just 5 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your dog's well-being, and with any luck, it will save your slippers from becoming a snack!

What is the difference between engagement and enrichment?

Enrichment is about providing your dog with new and