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Training & Pet Care

Pet Parent Life is a force free fear free operation specializing in anxiety based behavior aligning and management we

also offer home pet care and hospice boarding as well senior pet care and hygiene assistance under the supervision of a registered veterinary technician. Certified Professional Trainer will work with you to manage and train your anxious dog our anxious dog. Working closely with veterinary practitioners we find the best possible solution to your dog's anxiety and finally give you the freedom you deserve. Our methods are gentle, humane, evidence and science based. No aversive techniques used whatsoever. 

Portrait with Dog
As certified pet trainers and behavior consultants, Pet Parent Life has been training pets since 2017. Our training allows you to remain in the convenience of your own home or remotely, while receiving the best available techniques to address you and your pet’s specific needs and challenges.
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We provide a number of ways to receive the support & training you are looking for. Whether Remote, while you're away at work or on vacation, or right in the comfort of your home, each training option provides an innovative approach, tailored to meet your unique and individual needs. Schedule an assessment today

Professional, insured carers make sure your dog has a vacation as great as yours!

Dog Lover
There are many ways to keep your dog fit and healthy along their life’s journey. Pet Parent Life is here to help you stay on the right path throughout. Pets with proper nutrition and hygeine live 20% longer than others.  We offer a wide range of services and can come up with a customized plan for your pet and their particular health needs. Learn more about some of the services and get in touch to schedule a consultation today.
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